Road Trip for the Soul

Me and the hounds got up at 3:00 am on the 24th and sleepily walked to our car ready to hit the road.  My buddy Kate from my Colorado rugby days lives in Medford, Oregon and it was my turn to visit her.

To me, road trips are exhilarating.  They remind me a lot of hiking mountains.  You head out with tons of excitement, hit a blockage separating you from your enthusiasm somewhere along the way, take a little bit of rest and then have to go back.  Road trips push your endurance, your awareness and your desire to follow through.  It’s another way to take on life besides boxing.

I love the feeling of motoring along the highway with other travelers.  The scenery, the heat on and off again…..the opening of the window until you are too frozen and have to shut it again.  The up and down of the dogs in the back hoping there will be a stretching of the legs.

I feel a mix of guilt and gratefulness that I can travel a highway with ease versus having to bush wack at a snails pace.  Us humans have a knack for putting down evidence of our existence in very permanent ways.  But without this tendency, I wouldn’t get to see the landscape and explore other areas.

On the 25th, Kate, the hounds and I got in the car to go further west and extend my road trip.  We landed in Crescent City, CA and Brookings, OR.  We hiked in the wet redwood forests and combed the beaches flanked by highway 101.  The awe of the Pacific Ocean and the massive rocks jutting up and and out of the water, stoically taking a beating from the incoming surf left me speechless.  Watching the hounds be themselves in nature widened my smile until it was permanently stuck.  I tried to take as much in as I could so I can remember every bit of the beauty when the darkness of Seattle tries to overtake me in January.

The 26th was a lazy morning with a small walk and the impending trip home.  This return trip was easier.  As I’ve grown emotionally, I’ve learned to take more time for appreciation….more meaningful time in nature and more effort to acknowledge friends and acquaintances along the way.  I ate a meal in Eugene and then motored into Portland to visit Ryan who used to be a regular open gym member.  It broke the trip up, made me more calm and able to be present for longer and I got to hang with excellent people.

I started the 27th up early, doing what I also really love to do….work with people on their body mechanics, mindset and boxing!  Now, the hounds are sleeping and I’m sitting in an empty gym reflecting on 4 years ago and what it was like to sit here terrified about what I had gotten myself into.  I sat here for classes when no one showed up and I continued to do that day after day, until, here we are.  I am not alone, I am surrounded by incredible coaching, a hard working community and a sport that provides me with fuel for continued growth.

Take your daily nature moments, face what terrifies you and always #BoxOn!









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