A “Good Chin”

I’ve heard the phrase, “(s)he has a good chin” on many occasions and I’ve always wondered what made a good chin.  I know that tenacity and desire and heart are intangible qualities that help a person take a punch, but that just doesn’t work to satisfy why some take punches better than others on a physical level.

I believe it is Tensegrity.  If you have a consistent tension linking your entire myofascial system, you are going to be a lot less likely to experience a “short circuit” from an outside force.

All our competitive boxers follow the  (FP) Functional Patterns training system.   It’s based upon our gait cycle and throwing mechanics and it is a perfect fit for life and boxing.  I have watched my boxers be able to absorb punches differently and deliver more force with less effort. They are able to stand their ground and be less affected by incoming forces.  They are able to turn incoming force into their outgoing force.  This all happens because we address their tensegrity via myofascial release, FP corrective exercises and movements that compliment what our bodies were made to do.

I believe we are developing good chins, good movers and boxers who will not be debilitated by their sport when they step away from the ring.


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