2018 thoughts

It’s the last boxing event of the amateur season and we are all hanging out in a hotel resting and staying warm.

It’s kinda nice to have nothing to do for a few hours.  We hang out, tell stories, watch t.v. and pass the time before we focus on the battle.  Friends and family contact us to wish us luck and hear our fight day thoughts.

I have been privileged to train so many dedicated boxers of all skill levels.  I have enjoyed the ups and downs of this past year and appreciated how my own skills have grown.  Next year will be a whole new ride with familiar experiences and goals and we look forward to sharing each and every one with you.

Today is Omar’s last amateur fight as he is going to switch gears and focus on coaching.  It’s been a few years and close to 20 bouts that he and I have collaborated.  Omar is a special human, full of passion for community, love of boxing and a loyalty to self growth. He has gotten himself into impeccable shape and learned how to cut weight in a healthy and steady manner.  Each and every experience has given him valuable knowledge and insight to be able to lead others as he takes off in his coaching career.

We are lucky at Arcaro to have him as a coach and I am lucky to have worked with such a dedicated, articulate, intelligent and committed athlete!

Now, it’s time to get in there and have a blast.





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2 Responses to 2018 thoughts

  1. Tony Galimba says:

    Sorry our Ohana has not been able to watch more of Arcaro fights. Never too late to start following I guess but gotta start somewhere. Privilege to watch Omar bang on Saturday. Great Coaches breed Great Coaches. When Greg’s Aunt Ronda and I were teaching Leadership courses the one factor we shared with all of our students was “ Mentor with such passion for your student that that they will embrace your vision and surpass to become the Leader” Welcome to the Coaches Table ! Kudos to your Mentor !

    Looking forward to watching Greg in Tacoma Golden Gloves in January and hope to see Omar there as well

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