Space and Silence

To find yourself in the infinite, You must distinguish and then unite-  Goethe

For the past year or more I have been working on seeing “space” versus objects.  I started with things like trees, fences, bicycle wheels and other inanimate things.  I look at the spaces in, around and through the object instead of focusing on the object itself.  Practicing this resulted in a calm feeling and a quieter mind.  I felt more inside my body and at peace….less anxious and speedy.  I could also see with a different resonance… that allowed me to take in more details even though I wasn’t searching for them.  This I felt could be a helpful skill in conflict, when watching boxers train and spar, and when listening as people talk to me…….so I have been working on developing this vision and it has proven to be a far harder task than I anticipated.

Learn to be silent.  Let your quiet mind listen and absorb silence- Pythagoras

So, more recently I have been working on seeing space specifically when observing and talking to people, when watching my boxers train and spar.  This has been a bit more challenging.  I am so used to looking at and defining objects and immediately having an opinion.  It’s hard to allow the space to happen without me filling it up with ideas and judgments.  I’m used to feeling like a flat object in space versus a three dimensional being.  Looking into space allows for just this moment, fixating on an object links you to the past and/or future.  Seeing space puts you into dimension with every other living and inanimate object that also occupies space.  I have only once for a very fleeting moment been talking to someone, seen into space and felt the whole world slow down, like time didn’t exist, like I was in the “athletic zone” but in conversation.  I wasn’t worried about my response, worried about what they might be thinking or worried about understanding…I was just there and listening……a truly unique experience….and I want more of it.

Silence is necessary in our time…..[to]…clear away our deeply ingrained desire to live by what others have said rather than discover inner truths for ourselves- Robert Sardello Silence:  The Mystery of Wholeness

#BoxOn!  and may you keep using boxing to learn even more about yourself and interactions with others.











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