It’s a gonna be a fight

It’s Saturday!  This morning, we had weigh ins for Omar at 8am.  They went off smooth and he has done an incredible job of changing his body and mind to prepare. We also started our new 9:30 am Group Fitness class, integrating all the OG’s into our regular Fitness.  Then Cassidy took over the reigns of the KO Parkinson’s class!  She has worked hard to learn the tricks of coaching boxing to folks with Parkinson’s and OG provided her with excellent tutelage!  OG recently started posting excellent quotes on the board behind the ring and while in Mexico, he didn’t disappoint.  Here’s the quote for this week!

Expression in healing.  It opens us, propelling us forth into our lives.  –Roshi Norman Fischer

An Arcaro Alumn, Lisa stopped by to catch up and let us know about her new adventures in Kettlebell competition!  We are excited to hear how she continues in her new challenges and always appreciate visits from the past!

Now, it’s closing in on time to head to the amateur boxing event.  Omar and I will arrive at 2:30pm to get an idea of the bout order and prepare for warm up and hand wrapping.

Fight days are an interesting experience.  I find that I am very distracted…..I don’t feel as focused on my daily activity because all I can think about is the 9 minutes of performance.

It’s different as a coach.  I’ve all this energy and really no desire to organize it because I don’t really have a place to specifically express it.  I don’t like to be around many people and I don’t feel relaxed at home.  Everything is so much headier……more thought and obsession about the logistics.   When do we arrive? When do they change?…..silly really menial stuff.   I want to read or do something but nothing satiates the edge…..I just want to get there, wrap their hands and get the fight going.

Training and the daily is solace, the most comfortable place to live and the fight is the great upheaval.

Hope to see you all tonight at the fights!


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