You are never in control of the path to your destinations, but you are very in control of the vision.

I start with an idea and I obsess about that idea when I’m coaching, when I’m talking to others, on dog walks, studying…..just plain obsessing all the time.   The idea starts becoming a picture, blurry, out of focus but a start.  All the incoming information while I’m fixated on my idea gives me the answers I’m looking for until it all comes into focus.  Then there it is, my vision.  Clarity and certainty in what I want and what I think it might look or feel like.

But the path there…. it is never like I ever plan.  So, I now obsess about the vision.  I’m looking for clues as how to proceed to get what I want.  How do I move, what do I choose, who do I ask for help to achieve what I need?

Sometimes I’ll feel like nothing is working and I’ll wonder if my vision is really all that clear or obtainable.  The doubt is important.  It further focuses my picture, or puts me back to the drawing board to get to the truth of what I want.

This process is simply life….it’s the unplanned boxing match.  You know you want the win- but you don’t know what punches you will throw or when you will slip and counter.  You train and prepare so when the moment comes you know to act…….you know that a seeming failure might create another opening.  You can miss 3 punches then land just the perfect one that they can’t see resulting in your arm being raised.


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