Nature moment and changes

This morning I woke up to dogs hounding me to go outside.  I live in an apartment with a rooftop deck and so we go through the usual ritual of dressing appropriately for human interaction, the weather and terrain!  I take the long walk down the hall to the door that we exit and ascend a couple of flights of stairs that bring us right to the dog run.  I put them in and walk over to check out our mini urban garden in its trough.  Today was especially magical because I looked up and in between two trees to my north was Mt. Baker waving at me in all its glory.  I scan the horizon and the space needle, Seattle skyline and all the cascades in their sunrise glow reward me with a peaceful snowcapped view.  As I keep looking to the south, Mt. Rainier finishes my morning view and I feel calm and collected.  I gather the dogs and we head back down to the apartment ready to write, make breakfast and prepare for the day.

Today is OG’s last day of teaching classes for 3 months.  He and his wife are adventuring around and won’t be back until February.  Cassidy has been in training for months preparing to take over the Saturday KO Class and I will teach Thursday afternoons.  I’ve been watching Cassidy’s confidence grow, and seen her tenacity that she applies to training and competition.  This is an exciting change for the program and the gym…….and don’t worry, OG will be back!

Today is the last 55+ only class.  All of these folks are perfectly capable of taking any fitness class at Arcaro and OG has done a fine job preparing them to know this.  We are now ADDING A FITNESS CLASS FOR ALL.  It will start Saturday December 2nd at the same time of 9:30am-10:30am and coach Jeremy is taking the reins.

We also have more exciting news, and no, we are not getting another Bassett Hound!

Beginning January 8th, we bring you, ARCARO BOXING- HILLMAN CITY!  We will be teaming up with Erik Norwood of Renew Physical Therapy and teaching 3 evening fitness classes at their location.  Stay tuned for website updates, pics and more blogs about what we have going on up there.  Help us spread the word as we work to develop a community in our south end.  Jen, Jeremy and I will all teach the classes up there.  I’ll share the process of us hanging heavy bags and getting through all the logistics!

We appreciate our community and all you who make the gym!

Now go and #BoxOn!

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  2. Training the KO Parkinson’s gang, and the +55 crew has been a completely rewarding experience. These great people have shown up week after week, focused on the drills, left the gym after their 17 rounds drenched in hard won sweat, and buzzing with all the good joy juice you get out of boxing. My great joy has been to watch people progress from pawing the heavy bag like some cute facebook kittens to pummeling the damn thing with something approaching lightening fists. I’ve watched our boxers go from a stumble to a perfect pivot, and I’ve watched reflexes move from barely to blink of an eye. And you know what? It’s because they showed up, worked hard, and had fun. I’ve been blessed.

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