The building of one’s foundation is the absolutely the most important aspect of training and in my opinion, living life.   You must be steeped in discipline.

On the daily, I see the importance of getting a simple, yet solid base in one’s stance, understanding of movement, and implementation of drills.  Every final drill has a series of movements that has to be built so we can perform it in the most efficient manner.  WE must spend time on the minute details so we are stable and strong at our core.  So that we move from the inside out, unmoved by outside influences.  It is this fact about life and boxing that make me wholeheartedly passionate about coaching, boxing and running a gym.

The foundation gives you knowing… understanding of exactly where you are, where your power comes from.  It allows you to risk and dare what’s seemingly impossible.  The foundation gives you stability….the stability to know that you are a fluid and malleable object.  One that can ebb and flow as you learn.



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