Pain is sensation accompanied by the motor intention to withdraw.  If you aren’t trying to get away from it, it isn’t pain, it is just sensation-  Thomas Meyers

This definition from Thomas Meyers woke me up immediately.  Mind blowing perspective really.  Immediately I pictured boxers that resist the incoming punch.  I see their flinches, coming up on their toes, chins exposing themselves to the air and impending doom.  I picture the attacking nature of sparring partners trying to obliterate something from their life but using you to do it.  We do all these behaviors just in the anticipation of pain or hurt and with the intention to avoid it.

Where there is no resistance, there is no pain.  I’m not so unrealistic to think that a punch to the face doesn’t hurt, but the anticipation of it makes it more potent.

We all struggle with hurts, and anticipated hurts.  We all find incredible ways to avoid the hurt.  But boxing, the great exposer, makes you face your pains.  If you have felt small and ineffective in your life and you are using boxing to avoid that, I have news for you…….be prepared to be royally exposed at some point in your career.  If you welcome the feelings of being small and ineffective, boxing can set you free.  You can use it as a vehicle to face your experiences, feel them, let them leave and make room for new experiences.

#BoxOn!  – cuz really, there is no better way to find freedom!





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