This Kind of Life

We trained hard for several months to have 4 fights for 3 fighters.  All 3 trained diligently with focus and efficiency.  They didn’t cut any corners, and they all supported the other with a fierceness you expect when preparing for battle together.

We had 3 outcomes and each experience had it’s own particular resonance.  The amount of emotions cascading through feels a bit like getting dumped on by consecutive crashing waves.

In one fight, we experienced the heartbreak that comes from not living up to the expectations we set for ourselves.  We felt the shame as we had the face the folks who supported us in our preparation.  We had to come to terms that the space between our ears betrayed us and the impossibility of describing to others what that feels like.

In another fight, we came out guns a blazing because finally, we turned the corner in finding our fire.  But we found out that the pace we set was too high to maintain.  Again, how do you talk about your experience to those looking from the outside?

Lastly, we won a tournament, and were awarded best boxer for our efforts.  Winning is supposedly easier to talk about, but it really isn’t.  We can’t really describe what we are fighting for and what it means to have all of our suffering culminate in a win.

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to be scared to death, get in there, hit and be hit.  It’s hard to describe what the process is like.  What it feels like to be pushed on your runs, to be pushed to wake up and face another day of finding out who we really are.

We are thankful for our community in the gym, because they train beside us.  We see them dare to show up everyday and face their own battles.  We see them move from being curious about sparring to engaging their own fears.  We are thankful to come home after matches and have our community understand what went into our preparation.  We are thankful that our community holds the space for our wins and losses equally, because we do the same for you.

The wins and losses are temporary, the training is constant.  When an event ends, so begins the next step.

Our gym is in constant evolving mode because of these measurements throughout the year.  As we enter the last couple of months of an incredibly vibrant 2017, we look to end our year with a couple more matches that honor all we have been through and accomplished.

Come join us!







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