Pacific Northwest Amateur Boxing

We box to feel free.  We enter the gym and start our day, or shed it.  We box for the feelings that arise and leave with each thud of the glove.  The sweat purges unwanted toxins, cleans our soul and for an hour we are a pure experience with music driving the cadence of our bodies.

Freedom… lay at the heart of all human experience…..I have no predefined nature at all.  I create that nature through what I choose to do.  Of course I may be influenced by my biology, or aspects of my culture and personal background, but none of this adds up to a complete blueprint for producing me.  I am always one step ahead of myself, making myself up as I go along.  –Sartre

Boxing touches us in so many ways.  For those of us who have entered the ring, we bear the burden of the stage….an exposure completely making us translucent to on-lookers.  There is no-where to hide as the lights display our shadows and spread them across the canvas.  On-lookers feel vicariously through the physicality being displayed.  They fidget and dance as if controlling the bodies moving around above.

December 2nd and December 16th in White Center and Tacoma respectively, amateur boxers from the PNW will challenge their training in the last of year boxing shows.  Connect to Arcaro Boxing on Facebook, twitter and Instagram, or the board in the gym for information on who’s matched up, locations and times!

Come witness freedom of expression and support your local Pacific Northwest Amateur Boxing Scene!




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