12 Minutes.  That’s it.  12 minutes.

The training is at a minimum 60 minutes X 6 days X however many months.  We clock in close to 4000 minutes to complete 12!

During our training,  I’ve asked my fighter to suffer physically and embrace it mentally so they will be ready for the discomfort that lies ahead.  I have remembered every moment I prepared and the incredible anxiety that precedes.  They are my fighter, not out of ownership, rather out of immense responsibility.  They are my fighter, because I have agreed to guide the preparation, to listen as much as construct.

We have spent the 4000 minutes picking apart skills, drilling them, and testing.  We’ve spent this time getting to know how the other works, and how each of us communicate.  Every interaction is practice for the ensuing duress.

Just writing about the training and fight, I get chills and experience palpable excitement.  My heart races a little and I sit a little taller.  I am imaging the coming training for the week, wondering how will I put the finishing touches on so that they feel fully prepared and complete.  This science consumes and overwhelms my psyche and senses still—-just as much as a coach.  I feel as physical in my planning and preparation for the corner as I did getting ready to slide along the canvas.

The last two weeks are agonizing and long.  The wait feels like an empty and sterile room with just a clock ticking each pass of a second.  You sit alone as the fighter in this loneliness.  Even your coach cannot always pass the time with you- though you find ways to be around the gym and them whenever you can.  It’s the comfort of being  around the gym energy.  People sweating, pushing themselves in the moments when you must rest.  It’s the feeling of accomplishment as you sit there satisfied with what you put in throughout the day.  It’s the knowing that your coach has your back and is putting in their time too.

Then you must go home alone and try to rest.  To quiet the mind, and to feel the weariness of your body sink into the sheets.  Sleep comes only to repeat another day…..until The day arrives.

I love this sport, and I love the fact that you, the gym community have embraced Kevin as he prepares for October 28th.  I love how those of you that cross paths with all the amateurs and pros contribute to their preparation… each of you put in your time to improve right along side those entering the ring.  I love that each fighter takes their loneliness and all of you as they step through the ropes to hear the bell.

They don’t really ever fight alone.



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