The Paradox

This blog is inspired by coach Jen all the way in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

But one must not think ill of the paradox, for the paradox is the passion of thought, and the thinker without the paradox is like the lover without passion:  a mediocre fellow”   Kierkegaard

Boxing is the most beautiful paradox.  You have to risk, and put yourself in harm’s way if you are to have any chance at besting your opponent.

We often error in our desire for impossible perfection.  For, who has ever gotten inside that ring and never been touched?  We must want and not want to be hit simultaneously.

In Kierkegaard’s quote above, he is referring to thought and goes deeper into describing the passion of thought.  To paraphrase:  this passion is when two opposing forces encounter one another.  In physical terminology, this is the place every fighter lives.

The paradox is the willingness to be hit and the desire to not be touched.  What a beautiful place of impossibility.  For both aren’t really true.  You don’t want to be hit, but without that willingness, you cannot control your body’s movements.  Without the desire to not take any shots, you would simply be a punching bag.  It is in the place of the paradox that the art of fighting takes place.  Where the passion lives and expresses itself.

The ring is the place where you don’t have to prove yourself anymore.  For proving oneself can be the death of passion.  Proving oneself has already been accomplished.  It happened in moments when you wanted to quit, when you couldn’t catch your breath, when your legs felt rubbery and when your coach asks for one more and you didn’t want to answer.  In the ring, the paradox is the void, the place where pure action takes place.  Where straying thoughts should be suspended.  There are split second adjustments and minimal instructions.  It is time to exercise the paradox for all to see.  To represent a microcosm of humanity that resides in us all.  It is the time to lie proof down and demonstrate what you know.

I know of no other place like the ring.  It is interesting, it is terrifying and it is pure joy.  It is the highest form of paradox and passion.











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    this just made my brain explode in the best way. 💥 😳💥


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