I see possibility everywhere.  If I want something then I know it is possible.  I trust my goals and abilities to reach them.

Sometimes a million things come at you and it seems as if you may not get what you want.  I still see only possibility.  I don’t see deterrence.  I am willing to accept any consequence to reach my desires.

When my end goal seems elusive, it occurs to me that I am most likely looking in the wrong direction, taking a step in a way that isn’t effective.  Possibility keeps me searching, it keeps me doggedly determined and unable to be swayed.

Never, ever have I wanted something, made a plan, and been able to stick to the plan as outlined and achieved it.  Every single time that I have wanted something and orchestrated an outline, I’ve watched how it  gets completely obliterated.  Once I’ve accepted the dismantling of my proposal, a whole new way is illuminated and only then have I experienced reaching my desired outcome.

I’ve felt moments of futility, failure and hopelessness yet always, possibility rises to the surface, instigating action and achievement.

This is what it takes in the ring.  You are rarely ever fighting another person….you are fighting your desire to continue to persevere.  You are fighting to believe possiblity until the bell signifies the end of the competition.  If your jab isn’t landing, you have to believe you will find a way to land it.  You have to keep your eyes open to see where it is possible and where are you creating an impossibility.  You have to shut out your past, and the idea of the future and you have to wholly commit to the moment so you may create more moments.

You have to leave attachment out of the equation.  There is no time to admire your work………there is no time to doubt your work……there is only time for possibility and the action that comes from your determination to actualize possibility.  When one way doesn’t work, there is another and another and another.








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