Boxing as Applied Humanities

Boxing is applied psychology.  The ring our couch, our sparring partners our therapists.  We enter the ring to become aware of our patterns……our thoughts that govern our movements.  Our sparring partners expose us to ourselves.  Our coaches are our alter egos.  They help keep us present and on task.  We dive deep into ourselves to feel the the weakest and strongest places so that the in between is stronger.  We retention the range so we can spring at a moment’s notice.  We strive to box clean-  to box in the void.

Boxing is applied Buddhism.  The ring our cushion- our sparring partner the act of sitting still on that cushion.  An experience in supreme discomfort and disquiet.  Our sparring partners give us the chance to practice existing purely in each moment.  They expose our clutter, our lack of discipline, our fear and our desire to cover up our most authentic selves.  Our sparring partners demand our quiet mind and presence to each moving part as we exchange blows.  We go to the depths of powerlessness and restriction only to come out flying with the breeze.

Boxing is the physicalization of humanities study.  It actualizes all our experienced and thoughts into a tangible study.  It allows us to understand others and to encourage our fellow humans to dig in.

Boxing is community.  All of us as individuals contribute the the greater good.  We all fight to express and earn our place.  When our sparring partners fall, we lend a hand.  When we fall, they encourage us.  We go into the trenches as one and come out as many.

To box is to achieve your PhD in life.


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