I’m curious about the actions we do and the thoughts we think habitually…..the way we enter certain rooms, the side of the bed we sleep on, the place we set our keys down….We do these things out of habit and not mindfulness.  We do them in a physically empty kind of way.

In sport though, we pay attention to each detail we complete in the repetition.  We repeat until near perfect.  Why do we let our daily life go by without this attention to detail?  This attention to impeccable practice.

We herald the diligence and discipline of focused repetition in all sporting, music, and schooling endeavors.  We video capture the over and over in the form of majestic training montages.  But in life, we either become complacent or think that our repeated patterns are mistakes- stagnant signs of our failings.

As a coach, a lot happens inside the gym door and out.  Everyday is a day of wonder.  I watch boxers enter the gym multiple times in a week.  I see the repetition of their moods, body language and decisions.  I experience my own as well.  More often than not I leave for home amazed at all I witnessed over the course of the day.  I get to know the sequences of people’s lives in relation to the gym and get to know my own better as a result.

It is a great art to saunter-  Henry David Thoreau

We don’t saunter a lot.  We don’t repeat the slowing down and paying attention to the daily things we do in life and we think that we will improve only by going to the gym.

This is where I love boxing as a tool for merging our daily lives with our exercise and physicality.  Boxing creeps under your skin.  You find yourself in your stance doing dishes or giving speeches.  Right now I’m standing at my computer switching stances and breaking out into random fits of shadow boxing.

Boxing makes you think about your posture, thoughts, actions, interactions- it forces you to merge your physicality and thoughts into a more present and complete package.  You get more comfortable just being who you are because of your commitment to training.

Boxing really does take care of everything.  Keep training in and out of the ring and as always!  BoxOn!









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