This boxing thing

In October, we are 4 years old.  Each day the business is alive, I feel deep down grateful.  Owning a business has forced me to push myself in directions I never imagined.  I’ve had to grow up in an entirely different way than when I was an employee.

I’ve had to wake myself up to the fact I am responsible for this space, It is my duty and calling to keep it alive so people have a place to come to and express.  It’s up to me to take myself on so I can leave enough space for others and not always fill it up with just me.

I’ve had to face a whole lot of ugly in myself as I go through conflicts and difficulties.  But in the end, the experience feels like sparring.  If I’m really lucky, I’ll have conflict with a person, then we will fist bump and smile at the end of it all and realize we just took each other to the edge of our egos and found some new leverage.  If I’m not as lucky, there is no fist bump and camaraderie.  But, there is still learning and leverage.

I’ve become more and more obsessed about finding that concept of leverage in myself and being able to teach it to others.  I want to know how our bodies work and how we can get more efficient.  I want to help boxers who have the desire, but not the physical connection to unlock themselves.  I want all the coaches here to experience the joy in discovering one’s own power and the excitement of passing their findings on to others.

As I learn more about implementing the @functionalpatterns training system, I am seeing people discover true autonomy in movement.  I can see them taking responsibility and turning motivation into discipline.

We are a shut down society aching to express and this space is dedicated to making it all possible.  Boxing is our medium, Functional Patterns is becoming our training method, powerful punches, ease in movement, and an experience in self sufficiency is our outcome.


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