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I’m sitting in a comfy office chair at a window with my feet up on the ledge looking at St. John’s Harbour in NewFoundland.  The wind is blowing rain diagonally blurring my view as the lights on all the ships begin to shimmer; signaling that sunset is a few moments from taking over.  I’m on the last two days of a much needed trip away from the Northwest.  

Each day I have walked a minimum of 8 miles and even hit 15 miles a couple of others.  The views are staggering….the Atlantic Ocean’s landscape is stark and rugged and beautiful.  Coach Jen will call this place home for several years as she chases her dreams and obtains a PhD in philosophy. I’m a little bit envious, and a lot impressed with her tenacity.

At the same time, I’m looking forward to coming home to the gym, the hounds and the community that pushes me to grow and strive to be my best.  This fall will be a very busy boxing season…… We will start amateur team training again next week.  It’s been 3 months since the last session and it’s been a good boxing/life balance.  Some boxers took road trips, others went on countless hikes…….participated in weddings and sweltered in the beastly heat that Seattle occasionally brings.  When in the gym, we slowed down and worked on body mechanics and being more efficient in our movement and now it’s time to buckle down, focus our training to being in fight condition.

Our competitive season will begin with boxer Kevin Roberson in his 2nd professional bout Saturday October 28th in Auburn, WA.  Then November 4th and 5th, amateur boxers Greg Cruz and Omar Vergara will be lacing up in a tournament in Portland, Oregon.  Amateur boxer Brooke Devereaux is grinding away on movement and leverage mechanics and will see ring time at least once this fall while we have a few folks in the wings working to be ready by spring of 2018.  

Former amateur boxers Brian and Frankie are moving to the corner and will be cutting their teeth as competitive coaches.  Frankie continues to build a successful youth program, Arcaro Kids, and just may see a competitive youth boxer come out of the ranks in the next two years.

I’ll be honing my skills in Functional Patterns movement and all the coaches will be bringing their enthusiasm to increased fundamentals and skills work in all our classes.  

Come in, hunker down for the fall/winter…..develop impeccable skills and an infectious love for this sport.

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