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About 5 years ago I had a realization that I was a decent coach, but not really all THAT good….

The reason I came to this conclusion is because I realized I was stagnant in my learning.  I wasn’t looking at new ways to train the body, I wasn’t thinking critically enough about drills and their purpose.  I experienced two primary coaches over the course of my competitive experience and hadn’t really taken responsibility for my training.  Don’t get me wrong, I worked my butt off doing 2 a day sessions, but my intelligence was low.  I didn’t question my movement…..why or why I couldn’t do certain moves.  I was complacent in my investigation.  I avoided what I wasn’t good at.  I didn’t know how to be excited about my flaws.  I did only what I was told.  Not enough questions.  Not enough push in a new and uncomfortable way.  

So, 5 years ago I started searching outside my circle for knowledge.  I began scouring You Tube looking for boxing videos.  I needed to see how others taught, how was I similar or different in my execution of drills?  How did strength and conditioning exercises improve boxing skills? Was power only inherent or could it be developed?  The questioning woke me up.  It made me thrilled to take my flaws head on.  My perception was open to change.  There are so many styles and skills out there.  

Every boxer hits a plateau that they cannot move through….they hit a certain type of opponent they cannot beat– this feels unsatisfactory—I wanted to find a way to address this issue.  The boxer can’t keep going back and working harder in the same way, something has to be approached differently.  Inefficiencies must be exposed and changed.  

I discovered what became two major influences in my search for new training paradigms —Lee Wylie You Tube Channel and Functional Patterns (FP)  Lee Wylie shows me new ways to look at film- to dissect movement and skill.  He’s repetitive and simple in his explanation.  

Functional Patterns is the answer to addressing inefficiencies in movement.  The training principles of integrative movement reveal where our disconnects exist.  Fighters need connection for leverage maximization.  Humans need movement efficiency for health optimization.  Plus it really feels good to throw a thwacking punch with the least amount of effort.

In addition to learning FP training principles, I’m also studying Thomas Meyers book Anatomy Trains and learning fascia release.  I’ve invested in working these techniques on myself.  I’m experimenting and learning constantly and all the coaches at the gym are each bringing their unique styles to the ring.  Each of us with the goal of teaching you how to move your body the best way for maximum output.  

Keep uncovering your inefficiencies, get in the gym and punch them out!  We are in your corner.  


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