Life is a giant sparring session

These days, it’s harder and harder for me to see the difference between words and physical punches.  It’s hard not to see the discrepancies between body language shown and the words that are verbalized.  We seem to be a society struggling with expression and shut down.  We cannot find the gray area in between.

If I watch a boxing match, there is no question that both fighters have equal opportunity to throw punches.  Even if one boxer is more dominant, both can still throw, maneuver and engage.  If I watch or participate in a heated conversation, it immediately becomes apparent that one person feels the power to speak and the other person doesn’t.  This, I don’t understand.  We are all sparring partners….in my opinion we are all here to survive, to further each other as humans.  We are here to face discomfort so we may increase our emotional intelligence… further our species.  We are meant to help each other move through patterns that hold us back and not blame others for holding us back. 

As I’ve gotten a teeny bit (and I mean teeny)  more comfortable with the discomfort of conflict I realize that my best and closest relationships are the ones that I have worked with through conflict.  I realize that the people who are willing to invest in conflict with me are the ones most invested in me.  They are not invested in keeping their paradigm alive at the cost of me….they are willing to dig within themselves, I am willing to dig in myself…..We are competing together against a bogus social construct and not competing against one another.  



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4 Responses to Life is a giant sparring session

  1. Leslie Hamada says:

    To me, the way we have been headed: “it’s all
    About me” is contributing to many issues. We
    Have to learn to get the deep emotion out of
    Conversations- tough at times. And focus on ideas, policies that have substantial fact base
    Behind them. We also have our comments to
    Not agreeing with ideas or procedures and not
    Laser focused on the individual or individuals stating them. I strongly believe Life….society…
    Our Nation is much bigger than 1 person or one entity…. few get that. One individual is not
    Bigger than universal good or right.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would argue that it would be better to keep deep emotion in the conversation so you can really hear the depths of where you communicate from…then and only then can you slowly change the way you communicate

  2. Emmanuel James says:

    boxing is a very mental sport, you have no teammates, and your only support system is your coach. its not about being the strongest or fastest it about imposing your strategy on the opponent. some fighters are defeated before they ever step in the ring.. Any deficiency in training and/or mentality will be exposed in the ring. good post and keep rolling wiht the punches

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