Boxing Lessons

Boxing taught me, when you feel and know the power within you, you don’t have to prove it on the outside.

It’s a rhythm thing to me…..If I’m looking externally for approval and disapproval, I am no longer in my rhythm.  I am in another’s.

To feel the confidence in engaged muscle and calm mind, is internal.  I am in my own rhythm.  I know when to act and when to listen.  It is a stillness and a knowing–whether I am in conversation or step and sliding around the ring.

This process of feeling weakness and developing strength and efficiency is all consuming.  It’s the way a boxer lives.  To me, it is in our human-ness that we can truly find ourselves.  We can find the ability to push down through the floor and stretch our torso’s to unleash the perfect punch.  We can lose our balance and still know where we are.

It took me boxing’s lessons to fully comprehend the value of the little details, the value of self-responsibility and awareness……..The value in repetition.  The value in connecting the entire body and using it physically.  It took boxing for me to feel and understand the sense of otherness….to embrace our common experience of weakness and suffering.  You are always grateful for your sparring partners, your stable, your community.  For their striving to reach the same milestones as you makes life a powerful and personal competition.  Everyone focused on achieving a greater efficiency in the ring and the world is bound by the code of nodding and sweating and continuing to move. A Constructive Dissatisfaction.

Boxing is a human sport full of connection and today, I witnessed it.

Thank you to all who participated in the Team Parkinson’s walk!



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