Boxers know, footwork is our foundation.

It doesn’t matter what you do if you do it with a faulty foundation.  Your connection to the ground will dictate your flexibility, your force, your spacial judgement, your maneuverability, and overall efficacy.

Do a little experiment and sit in a chair with your feet on the floor…….How connected are your feet?  Now, stand up and see how much connection you have, then walk around and check again.  It’s a little shocking how little we link our feet from the ground to the rest of our bodies.

When we spend all of our efforts on the outcome-the external- the punch- We have skipped the most important part……where it all comes from and who is doing the delivery.  We forget to use our most efficient forces and instead only see what is in front of us.

Boxing insists you lose the outer as the focal point.  When you train skills, spar and do roadwork, the internal bubbles up to the forefront.  Any imbalance you tried to cover up with force is uncovered with an equal or greater force.  You no longer can only focus on the outcome, you have to deal with the internal process.  You must find your foundation so that you can push yourself into the unknown and risk while at the same time feel grounded.  You cannot think from arms and fists only.

You must pay attention to what is surfacing, acknowledge and use it to find your power.  When you dive into your depths with a lens of discovery and wonderment, you will find your connection and you will interact with others in the ring and out of the ring with a different sense of power.




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  1. Leslie Hamada says:

    Knowing one’s foundation in everything can
    Take us through the good and bad times with
    Greater direction & vision.

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