Punch Technicians

My relationship to my own training and coaching others is a constantly evolving one.  I used to be “go, go, go” –  more on the side of overtraining.  My body feels the years of pounding, between rugby and boxing alone, my legs have taken on countless miles and my body has absorbed and given an unimaginable number of hits.

I want to age with my mobility even more superior to what I have now.  I want others to also increase their mobility.  I want to age moving better than I ever have before.  I want to transfer my knowledge of movement to my boxers and gym members.  This quest has led to a lot of hours of self study and the seeking of other inquiring minds.  In Seattle, we have access to some brilliant people and training systems.  I’m grateful to Naudi Aguilar and the Functional Patterns training system as well as AJ from the Athletic Training Institute as well as Brian Power from MTI Physical Therapy.  Outside of Seattle, I follow Canadian based, Eric Wong of the Precision Movement Academy.

They all have their own approach and delivery in addressing body mechanics.  I take everything I learn and practice it with the coaches and competitive boxers as well as our fitness boxers.  The changes in people’s punch technique, more efficient movement, strength and punch power is noticeable.

All the coaches at Arcaro are punch technicians and devoted to helping you discover your inefficiencies.  Through learning about all the areas you experience a lack of connection, you will find your power.  We are all obsessed with finding out where the power comes from and helping you find your own.

Punching leverage can be learned but it must be earned through repetition in training day in and day out.  You must be willing to feel the uncomfortable, to work on the minuscule movements and to be genuinely interested in your failure to produce power.  This is key to improving and accessing your strength.

We are interested in your body changing, not just being a bigger or smaller version of your current body shape and movement habits.  It will take different movement patterns to produce the physical changes that are noticeable.  It will take paying attention to detail and the steady patient eye of the coaches.

We will help you succeed and get the leverage you have been searching for in and out of the ring.


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Former competitive boxer turned coach and therapist. Ya, they go hand-in-hand.
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