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You can often hear how boxing is dead, or how it has changed over the years.  Well, it’s not dead and it definitely has changed–as it should.  I don’t buy the idea that you should do things a certain way just because “that’s the way it always has been.”

We seem to get stuck on the way things used to be and we are resistant to things changing.  But it’s an evolutionary fact, if you don’t change, you will become extinct.  This is true for living organisms, businesses, ideas, etc…..

Boxing is now accessible to so many more people.  The fan base is changing.  More people are understanding the importance of boxing to the growth of one’s soul.  In my opinion, boxing is more alive than ever.  It’s just different.

We don’t have the same stories in life, therefore we don’t act out the same stories in the ring.  Our challenges have taken on different shapes and meanings……so boxing follows suit as it is a perfect reflection of our society.

Technology is at the forefront of our daily experience.  We no longer gather around the radio to hear a fight from another state.

We get information from apps and use tons of sport apps to follow our favorite sports.  We can follow the play by play of many arm chair sportscasters via twitter.  We push a button to find the latest score via a score app.  Technology makes sports and the athletes more directly accessible.  Any information we want, we can get within a minute.

Our struggles take on a different look and fewer people are using sport to get out of duress.  Boxing still allows people to rise up from the ashes, but our society tells these stories in all sports and educational opportunities…..not just boxing.  We no longer read the paper to find out about our athletes.  We watch reality shows, round the clock footage of their life in an edited fashion.  We can use our cell phones anywhere we want to find out instant information.  Companies like CBS have sports mobile apps to get up to the minute information.

Boxing is different, just as our society is, it is alive and well.  It is dangerous, exciting, storytelling, inspiring, and one of many mediums we use to express ourself.

Embrace the change and…….








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