One can never be the master of his technical knowledge unless all his psychic hindrances are removed and he can keep his mind in a state of emptiness (fluidity), even purged of whatever technique he has obtained.

Lee, Bruce (1975-10-01). Tao of Jeet Kune Do (Kindle Locations 4103-4105). Ohara Publications, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

In all my time as an athlete and coach, I have found only one way to take on psychic hindrances.  Straight on!  That’s not to say I don’t detour, veer or downright avoid at times…’s that I don’t gain any new insight and I most certainly cannot master technical skill if I don’t walk right into my hindrances.

I also have found that it’s not necessarily good to push through when you meet a lot of resistance.  Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and hang out in the intensity of your experience.  When you are ready and when you have done the work you need, you will let go of what has been holding you back.

If fighting was simply physical, I think I would be bored quickly.  But because it is so complexly us, so intertwined with our emotions, our psyche I am madly in love with this sport.  Nowhere, have I ever been pushed to grow as an athlete and a coach equally.  I’m entirely motivated to share the rewards I’ve gotten from the awareness work I do on the daily.

When you experience the “zone”, that perfect place of fluidity, you don’t exist, your ego is no more, there is no time, only the moment of movement that you are experiencing and it is magical.  I want to live my life there as much as possible whether I am in the ring, the gym or my community.

Come in to the gym and take on your own hindrances to see what you can accomplish.


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