A little lesson from Zen

Lately, coach Jen has been attending a sitting meditation group at SU called Eco Sangha.  Through this group came an opportunity to attend a full day meditation that consisted of sitting, walking, working and eating- all in silence.

Honestly, it is easier to get punched in the face than to sit on a cushion for 30 minutes at a time.

The event was led by Osho (a Japanese abbot) at temple Chobo-ji on Beacon Hill.  At one point, he gave a talk.  He said we should strive to be a


From the cushion to the ring!  I love this idea.  If I go in the ring avoiding fear, thinking about everything I’m going to do or not do, I am not even open to the possibility of now.  I am not open to seeing and seizing the opportunities before me.

Being a body of inquiry helps you to quiet the mind, to learn as you go, to be interested in what is and isn’t working and to make necessary adjustments.

When fear comes up, and it will…….if you are a body of inquiry you will walk into and through the fear.  It will be scary, invigorating and a changing experience.  You will gain a confidence that is yours and can never be derailed.

I know this is far harder than just reading the words on paper.

About 12pm I wanted to bail.  I couldn’t sit cross legged on that cushion one minute more, but I did and I did and I did…… from 7am to 8pm I sat, walked, ate and worked in silence.  I distinctly remember at one point sitting on the cushion, suffering in intense discomfort and wanting the bell to ring.

It was a beautiful and humbling day in a different kind of ring, but I was a body of inquiry and it made the experience all mine.

Now you go and make yours.



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  1. jaime peter says:

    This should be done two days a week. Take a hundred meter sprinting and walk back to recover. Do a five set then time the other five sets. Make sure to record the times and raise your speed in every sprint.

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