Where we come from

We write and rewrite our stories every day.  It is a beautiful skill to be able to change our perspective of the past.

So much happens from there to here and it is each ingredient that enhances the flavor we experience today.

It is up to us to decide if we want to be done unto or if we want to use our experience to grow and thrive.  We can wallow in all that got us here or we can attempt to walk on the surface always knowing what is underneath-  always knowing it is our foundation, our strength.  We don’t so much rise out of the ashes, but we wade through until each step is taken with more ease.

We can live each current moment with fear of returning or we can live each moment knowing the honor of being here because of there.  We don’t slide back, we don’t cave, we live in our past or we use it as fuel and energy to experience the next moment with utter intensity and desire.

If a boxer spends her 3 minutes fretting about the last round, she doesn’t even get to enjoy the one she is in.  She doesn’t get an opportunity to see what is possible nor does she get a chance to effect change………

Live each moment knowing the last one happened and it was necessary to get you to here.  Live here and now and embrace your past for the powerful and necessary experience it was.
















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