The Building of a Champion

It starts with the self and begins to creep into all aspects of one’s life.

To build a champion, you must start with a foundation of curiosity (thank you for the description Tony Ventrella)

Curiosity leads to self awareness which cultivates more curiosity and so on……


To build a champion you have to be impeccable with your thoughts and your words.  You must investigate all sides of situations, all parts of your reactions.  You must challenge your own beliefs.

To build a champion, you must be your own most difficult opponent that you want to completely dismantle.  It is the dismantling that builds you from within.

Confidence comes from the core and the core is not a visible 6 pack to the world.  It is in fact the intertwining of fascia, of intensity, density, muscle and bone.  The core is the dumping ground for every experience in life, and you can build it with any perspective you choose.

To build a champion you have to as Jack Kerouac says,

Be in love with your life, every detail of it

To build a champion, you will have to know how to win and lose as if they were one in the same, because your identity is not result, your identity is in how you approach the process.



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  1. Richard Wells says:

    As a person who has perpetually struggled with issues of identity, that comment about process is a gold mine.

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