Top of the mountain alone?

Every boxer has sparring partner stories.  Some sparring partners teach us harsh lessons while others take a more gentle approach, but no matter what, each of them has a huge impact on the people we are today.  I think it is why we re-tell our sparring sessions play by play.  We wrap each word around our memories as if protecting a precious gift.  We claim with glee the punch that made us take pause.  It’s a way of honoring where we have come from…….it’s a way to say, this is how I got here, and this is what I am made of.    It’s a statement of how connected we all are in our experience.

As boxers, we are accountable for each and every action for the 3 minutes we spar and fight.  We are also accountable for each minute of training that prepares us.  We acknowledge every person that exposed us to ourselves.  We are grateful for those that kick our butts and make us question our efficacy.  This accountability to ourselves and others gives us a confidence that no one can challenge.

Man is a model of the world-  Leonardo da Vinci

Whether we have gloves on or not, we belong to a humanness that only we know intimately.  We are connected through our fighting art.  We know what we know and calmly walk the earth exercising this awareness.

Boxers aren’t interested in summiting a mountain without a team, without crediting those that got us there.  Because if we are, we will topple quickly.  Boxers understand the concept of oneness, of togetherness.  When we are asked about the fight and our performance we say “We” as if our corner was in there throwing and taking punches.

The only way to the top is with others and the only way to stay there is with others.  We model in the ring, what we desire in the world.



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2 Responses to Top of the mountain alone?

  1. Tony Ventrella says:

    Excellent message in the blog, so true. We do not need to live in a divided world. In fact we cannot survive on our present course. It’s time for all people to realize that “it not about you, it’s about everyone. Give as much of yourself to others as is humanly possible and never take more than you need.

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