Putting people first

Jim Casey of United Parcel Service had a vision way back in 1916 to put people first.  To put his employees quality of life, their voice, their expression, and their overall life experience as a priority.  This vision built a phenomenal company that exists today.  He so cared about putting his people first that he invited the union to unionize his employees.  A very gutsy move knowing the contentious possibilities between unions and businesses.

I’m not sure in these current times how many businesses have the same kind of vision as Mr. Casey.

At Arcaro, we invest in ourselves so we can invest in you.  We are the physical barbershop in the community allowing people to express themselves and flourish. We invest in improving as coaches so we can pave a path for all our boxers, recreational and competitive, to confidently walk down.

Community is made up of several individuals and each individual brings some unique perspective to the ring.  Each individual tells a story through their body as they sweat and endure the discomfort of training.  Everybody risks telling their story to people they normally would never engage with outside the ring or gym.

There is power in our conflict, in our shared experience of physical disagreement being reenacted through sparring or even hitting the heavy bag.  There is enlightenment and release in touching gloves after the controlled conflict.  We learn that our punches our meant to expose one another to the holes in our defense.  This exposure enhances our skills in conflict outside the confines of the gym.

This community experience within the gym allows our members to go back out the door and contribute a very different mindset in other intersecting communities.

Boxing is what makes our community great!



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