The Tao of Power

The Tao of Power is a translation by R.L. Wing of the Tao Te Ching.  It is an excellent guide in perspectives of leadership and influence.


The most yielding parts of the world.
Overtake the most rigid parts of the world.
The insubstantial can penetrate continually.

Therefore I know that without action there is advantage.

This Philosophy without words,
This advantage without action—-
It is rare, in the world, to attain them.

The more resistance to an experience, the more the experience happens and the tighter you get.  This tightness continues to narrow your vision and locks you into fight, flight or freeze mode.  Then more resistance happens the more your misery is compounded.

Lao Tzu felt that “problems tend to resolve themselves when they are not met with aggression and invited to remain.”

In boxing, subtlety is queen.  You must have courage to allow what you normally want to repel.  If you are nervous, scared, hesitant, it is better to acknowledge and let it exist lest it run your every move.  If you try to avoid what you are feeling, it has a funny way of showing up like a chin in the air, a left hand dropping below your face, a flinch, or a blinking of an eye at just the wrong moment.

We are taught in our society to repel the undesirable parts of ourselves- to fix ourselves. That seems very silly to me.  We are everything we think, we are everything we do.  We are a continual malleable process. We don’t need to be fixed.  Granted, there are decisions that are decidedly better than others…..but whose way are we supposed to follow?  Who is to say that someone else’s way is better or worse than my own?  Every moment can lead us to greater understanding of ourselves or we can keep on suppressing our inner selves and pay later.  We can honor and take responsibility for everything we do, or we can fall victim to all circumstances.

In the ring, there is no one to blame for your choices.  It’s true you have corner people, family, supporters and friends that have helped you walk your path, but you are the only one in there taking and giving punches.  You and you alone dictate what happens to you.  You decide if you will trust your corner…..if you can rely on your training……..if you are ready to meet the lesson 3 minutes at a time.

Power is truly felt when you relax, let go and allow your technique to kick in.  It’s effortless to throw a straight punch that snaps at the perfect time.  You can last forever when you move with gravity and use it to your advantage.  It’s eye opening and spine tingling when you feel how whole you are delivering a punch starting from your feet and soaring through each knuckle into your opponent.

This kind of power can be felt in daily life.  It is called vulnerability, acceptance, and empathy!





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