Boxing Art

I see all sport as art.

Athletes create their masterpieces through movement and expression with their bodies just as an artist uses her brush, pencil, or instrument.  Just as an artist takes an emotion and gives it life, so does an athlete.

As observers we see the feeling in the muscles, the posture, the movement.  We relate or repel based on what we accept and avoid.  Sometimes  we criticize the athletes rather than face our own inadequacies and other times we are grateful for what they evoke within.  There is a huge array of interpretation of what we see in each artful expression.  The interpretations are what bind the audience to the artist and allow each and every observer to feel as connected as the next.

Creating art to put on display takes a strength unimaginable.  It’s not about having thick skin, it’s about allowing your ego to be penetrated and still know that you are intact.  It’s about allowing yourself to be exposed and know you have the courage and ability to learn, grow and accept what is revealed.

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than embracing oneself fully and modeling that for others.  There is nothing more empowering than sharing your expression with others and receiving theirs.

Boxing is definitely art and you are free to create whatever is inside of you through it.



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    Wonderful discription !!

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