Regional Golden Gloves

#132 boxer, Greg is already in Las Vegas for the Regional Golden Gloves.

He’s ready.

The preparation for Golden Gloves is intense.  It takes everything you have and a little more.  It takes family and friends being supportive of you being unavailable for them because you have nothing left after a day of training and working.

It takes getting up and working a job and training for boxing day after day.

It takes maintaining a consistent weight loss, jogs, interval sprints and tremendous mental focus.  It takes accepting help and gratitude for everyone who invests in you emotionally and financially.  All these hours and weeks logged and in just 9 minutes the feedback will be truth.  The outcome will be irreversible.

We work so hard for a few minutes to showcase our sacrifice driven skills.  Some fighters are mean, some are determined.  Some fighters live for the crowd, others would rather fight away from the hoopla.  But all fighters feel the honor of preparing and entering the ring.  All fighters know how hard it is to get just a little bit better.  All fighters want their hand raised and the opportunity to continue fighting each day.

4 boxers per weight class will fight in Vegas for a chance to be the final two to fight on Sunday.  A first place in this tournament equals advancement to the National Golden Gloves.  This is what we want to achieve and it’s what we’ve put in all the effort for……

Thank you all for the support you give and for encouraging our amateur boxers the way you do!





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