Just a bit about boxing

My very first true love is boxing.  I am of course unabashed in love with friends and family closest to me, but boxing, it’s got a hold of me.

What happens in the gym is what I envision in the world if I could have it my way.

At the boxing gym, we are people from all walks of life.  We look each other in the eye, fist bump in celebration of our struggles and triumphs.  We remember what it was like to get where we are at when we see someone new come in the door.  It’s a beautiful exhibit of camaraderie because we are all seeing the value in our different approaches and styles.  We all have the common goal of becoming the best we can at this craft.

Boxing is my true love, because, I think about it obsessively.  I’ll envision a boxer or a skill that I want to develop and my whole day will be a representation of that theme.  Every conversation, every footstep, every thought and movement will help me to discover the way to implementation.

Each boxer that comes through, I give my heart and effort to, because I believe in what boxing develops…….character, integrity, heart, skill, discipline, confidence, empathy and expression.  This is what I envision us allowing to develop in each and every person that enters the gym’s doors.

Boxers come and go and I find that my attachment to boxing is what always stays.  I willingly allow my heart to get broken multiple times because each experience brings me a wealth of knowledge, skill increase, and confidence in my abilities.  Boxing never leaves me, even when the people do.  I have each of their contributions stay with me as I move on to the next.  I become more full because of the relationship each of us built through this sport.

Boxing gives it’s boxers to the community for them to live vicariously through.  We watch them on stage and love to watch the drama unfold.  We sit and judge, empathize, root, cheer for and against.  Boxers often represent our own personalities and daily experiences.  Their war against another is often a playback of our war with ourselves.  Will we dig in and become victorious, or will we give all we have and come up short?  Will we be motivated by our experience or demoralized and all that lies in between?

How could I not be so in love with something so beautiful and metaphoric of our life?








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