Communication and Relationships

I think that your relationships and communication are really all you have to measure yourself to see what you are accomplishing in life.  The results tell you the truth.

Anytime I am experiencing a rash of miscommunication, I realize that I am the most common denominator in all the circumstances.  Others may be experiencing miscommunication in different areas of their life, but the fact that I am repeatedly having the same experience tells me that I better pay attention to my contribution.

Boxing is just as much about communication and relationship as it is about punching.  If I am to ask a boxer to do something they aren’t quite sure will work, then I better have done the work to earn their trust so they will go for it versus hold back.  And simultaneously, I better be willing to listen to my boxer if they have a strong feeling they can articulate.  There will be a time that our relationship is tested and the testing  can occur inside or outside the ring, so it’s best we are practice to handle the increase in intensity.  It’s also in our best interests to go through the intensity with the desire to learn about our own self, as well as others versus think we are and will always be on top of “it”.

Every interaction with another comes with an entire past for all parties involved.  We bring our experience to the table for reference all the time.  It’s why I love boxing so much. Sometimes a lot more than outside life.  Boxing exposes your past and present.  It shows you what still works and what you probably shouldn’t use in your arsenal anymore.  In the ring, it is immediately obvious what is and isn’t effective.  In life, it’s not so cut and dry.  If you repeatedly have the same experience, it might be time to lay down the blame and look at how you got to where you are at.

This kind of practice humbles me….it allows me to ask my boxers to complete difficult tasks and at the same time, rewards me with a beautiful community of diligent folks that work for every ounce of awareness they gain.

This experience just makes me want to …..







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