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A boxing gym community is the people.  It is the leadership of coaches demonstrating an enthusiasm for individual and group growth.  A boxing gym embraces the community around it.  The businesses, the residents, the passers-by.  The community stretches beyond the walls and connects to all facets of life.

Arcaro Gym is a blessed place.  We are activists, techies, students, able-bodied, disabled, teachers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, children and parents plus a whole host of other labels.   We gather in this space and risk exposing ourselves to others through our expression.

It is the most powerful community I have ever had the privilege to be apart of……

1 year ago today, we started our KO Parkinson’s Boxing Fitness Program.  With a trusty crew of volunteers and the backing of MTI Physical Therapy, we began to design a one of a kind boxing program addressing the many needs of those diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  We started with 2 very loyal participants, and a loyal and committed coach in OG. We have quadrupled our participants.  Community is the key to this program’s success.  Not just the boxing community, but the community surrounding each person with Parkinson’s.  We call their closest confidants, “Corner People” and they too need a place for expression…..a place to be tended to and cared for as well.

It’s the inclusion of everyone in this space that is infectious.  This empathy and understanding that we are all fighting so many things that impacts our outer world.

Thank you all that are already a big part of Arcaro and to you who will join soon!

Till then, #BoxOn!






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Boxing gym for recreational and competitive boxers. Community minded and locally inspired. Seattle Small Business Supporter
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  1. O.G. says:

    Thanks, Coach. It’s been like life: beautiful, confusing, focused, worrisome, and joyful. Probably a lot more adjectives I could throw in there. The KO coaching team has been awesome in dedication, skill, humor, and support. Thanks for providing a home.

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