Competition and Golden Gloves!

It’s February and we are in the swing of competition.

Competition is where we really find out the nitty gritty of ourselves.  We have to deal with the suffering in training, the anticipation of the fight.  We obsess about the unknowns, try to quiet our minds and focus on the now.

In training I encourage my fighters to embrace constructive dissatisfaction.  To obsess at what they don’t do well with childlike wonderment… become enamored with the process of fundamentals and slow uneventful improvement.  I want them to embrace heartache and loss and failure because when you do, it no longer becomes something you fear.  It no longer drives your motivation nor does it control you.

Recently a boxer asked me to send him tape footage of his sparring because he wanted to

Study everything I was doing wrong.

his tone was excited, hopeful and motivated.  He felt a fire to improve.

The only way to increasing skill  is through embracing the things we suck at.  I feel ecstatic!  Finally, finally, all this belief in the process is coming to fruition.

We are preparing for 4 different amateur fight venues over the next month.

February 11th Greg fights in White Center.  It will be his 12th.

February 18th Brooke has her first match in Canada with Arcaro and it will be her 6th overall.

March 4th and 5th, Greg will be fighting in Las Vegas representing Washington in the Regional Golden Gloves.  A win would catapult him into the National Golden Gloves Tournament.

Closing out March we will travel down to Beaverton, Oregon for some matches.  Boxers fighting are still to be determined.

You can help support us by following our progress on Arcaro Facebook – donate for travel costs on our web page – and/ pass the fist bumps around any time you see a competitive boxer training!

In the meantime, you will find us in the gym celebrating all of our shortcomings!



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    this is a die heart match of the boxers

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