Organic Boxing

We all have ideas and goals of how we want our lives to be.  Boxers want their arm raised at the end of the match.  We all have a clear picture of the end result, but we don’t have a clue what it will look like as we go for it.

It’s in this junction of unknown and desire for the known that we can either follow the method the body so beautifully subscribes to, or we can get in our heads, and attempt to control the way.

 The body grows organically, solving problems and meeting needs as they arise, rather than being set up according to a predetermined plan.  –pg 11 The Endless Web:  Fascial Anatomy and Physical Reality

As the amateur boxers are preparing for the local Golden Gloves, I’ve had to prepare a training plan.  It is a design, a permeable template with the idea that skill implementation will increase from their last match.  I’ve a plan set up, but must be willing to completely scrap, overhaul and/or make minor adjustments as we head toward the matches at the end of January.  If I am not malleable, we will have a very disjointed unauthentic experience that doesn’t evolve as we all should through a preparation process.

In our daily lives it’s the same way.  Goals and Ideals to obtain are excellent drivers.  They give us a hope, something to strive for and reach.  We can have a sketch of a plan but if we aren’t able to adjust, it will be far more stress inducing and potentially painful.  We won’t recognize when seemingly disastrous affairs are actually huge opportunities propelling us toward our desired goal.

We must adapt and go with each moment as it crosses our sights.  We can plan for what we want, we can picture it, we can desire and demand it, but we have to see how to get there one step at a time.  We have to be able to follow every curve, every dead end and look to how these experiences are getting us to what we want.

Each boxer competing in this year’s Golden Gloves will actively participate in the training plan implementation and provide feedback.  They will picture their end result and in the mean time put thousands of rounds, hundreds of miles running, countless punches and sweat beads with the goal to be a champion.  They won’t know how it will go, when they will feel accomplished or failed.  They will all risk this intense endeavor to potentially be defeated.  They will follow the process intently and be changed from the experience no matter their initial outcomes.  There isn’t a set time line for achievement-  there is only the effort and daily experience to fully participate in…………..






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