My life as a coach is a canvas.  It gets stained, cleaned and painted with beautiful interactions.

Each footprint leaves a mark on me and forever changes my shape, my views and my future experiences.

My job is to create a place for expression.  A place that demands you to show up and be real with yourself and others.  I ask only what I am willing to do myself.    I’m impatient and contemptuous sometimes, but mostly I find patience so others can find theirs.  I push myself hard in and out of the ring so that I can do the pushing with a calm confidence that comes with knowing what it takes.

My life as a coach is filled with traffic coming and going…this gym will watch people come, go and return multiple times.  I feel responsible to create a place where each and every person can leave and return as many times as they need without reprisal.  When boundaries are needed, I step up and hold them for the sake of this space to be used with the vision I started with……a vision that includes brave people facing themselves and their fears on the daily.

When I first opened the gym, I was afraid of what I committed to.  I thought, “What the hell have I done?”  I felt trapped, stuck and scared.  I pretended I had a boss and wasn’t a gym owner with a business partner.  It got me through the being scared.

I’m 3 years in and I am finding out that commitment is a window, an opportunity.  Committing to this gym, my business partner, the coaches, recreational and competitive boxers gives me more than I could have ever imagined.

Commitment has given me a deeper sense of self as I’ve been challenged by the gains and losses that come with running a community space.  Going all in gave me no outs and made me (still does) stick it out and see what I could accomplish.

I’m maturing as a coach and with that maturity is coming a deeper commitment.  I want to continue to be a better coach.  One that is impeccable with technique and the development of boxers of all levels. I want to grow this gym so that others can contribute and learn as I have.  I want to take boxers to new levels with me and build champions in and out of the ring.  All this I know will take commitment beyond my current comprehension.








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