Boxing is such a beautiful sport.  I think some of my favorite moments are when I have competitive boxers going for something specific like Golden Gloves, or a specific match-up.  I think about boxing non-stop.  How will my boxer and I communicate, what drills will bring out their skills, who can I study, who can I reach out to, what can I dispense and what are they willing to do to achieve their goals are all questions constantly on my mind.

It’s exciting because it always breathes new life into my fitness  and sparring classes.  I have a new focus to share and new skills and drills to perfect.  All around it’s a definite win, win.

Watch this footwork of Rigondeaux  …..I am in boxing fundamentals love.  I look at all the basics this guy acquired to implement what he does in the ring and I immediately think of all the small steps we can do in our humble Seattle abode  to practice little pieces of his greatness.

Sometimes you work with boxers and you get inspired to look for how to expand their style.  Sometimes you really start to get to know who a boxer is and then get a vision for how that translates in between the ropes.  I love this synchronicity.  I bounce back and forth between boxer, to video tape to class…..It’s creativity for me the coach…..creativity for the boxer and the entire gym community.  I get to implement drills and see 100’s of interpretations of expression…..from the most novice to the competitive boxer, each interpretation helps me to refine my skills and teach the drills even better.

Watch that video more than once because there is so much that happens in the foundation of footwork and Rigondeaux really has it!










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  1. southpawswan says:

    Absolutely! There isn’t a moment where I don’t study him and try those movements. Lomachenko is another one. He has some great movement. I watched him on the heavy bag a fee times (plenty on YouTube) and saw how he pushed the bag to make it swing toward him and then watched him practice his famous sidestep. I do it all the time in my training. You’re right Arcaro. I love boxing and guys like Rigo and Lomachenko help to inspire your own efforts. Simply wonderful.

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