Emotional Poverty

Boxers are intentional people.  We must take accountability for our actions in training and in fights.  Outside the ring, we have extra pressure to uphold a standard of non-violence and impeccable speech because of the way the world sees us at times.

It’s true, some boxers give in to the “smack talk” to create drama and arouse attention, which seems in our society to generate money.  But overall, most boxers you meet are quiet, confident, resolute in their goals and accomplishments.

The face of boxing is changing.  It’s not only an avenue for getting out of financial poverty.  It has become the resting place for those seeking to escape emotional poverty.  For the masses that feel hemmed in by labels, boxing allows them to defy appearances.  For the hordes who have been told who they should be, boxing gives them a place to lay down the fight and punch themselves into existence.  For the people who dare to think outside the norms  of our culture;  the paradigm that society has complacently allowed to take over, they box to shape a new narrative.

You can come in from the outside world, enter this physical barber shop, swap stories of societal wars, form new identities, gain skill and awareness and become the complete version you are rather than subscribe to the snapshot you are seen for in the world.

Boxers, whether competitive, recreational, or fitness uncover their Warrior selves.  They commit to learning about the depths of themselves in order to increase the overall betterment of their society.  Boxers embrace Justice, Courtesy, Courage, Honor and Compassion-  The Way of the Warrior!

Find a gym, invest in your community and box to find yourself!


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  1. David Hirsh says:

    You have a beautiful mind. This is such an apt piece of writing. Thanks for inspiring me. Unfortunately I am going in for an MRI on my RT knee tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t be down for too long.

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