This weekend I was talking to the UW Head Coach Chris and he said something to me that really stuck.  He was talking about developing his UW program, developing boxers, trainers and coaches.

Chris described training as drill and skill focused but coaching as the whole package….the psychological, the motivation, the skills, drills and overall problem solving of the athlete’s preparation and performance.

I love coaching.  I love it far more than just training.  Coaching takes all of me.  It takes a commitment to my own growth so that I can create the best space for my athlete to develop.  I have done everything in my life 100% and coaching is the perfect field for me to do 100% day in and day out and feel satisfied about the work I do.

Coaching takes the big picture.  Whether the boxer wants to have 1 fight, wants to have an amateur career as long as they can, wants to make the U.S. team or go pro, I have to look at the big picture plan.  We have to work together to achieve the goals desired.  I have to be a scientist and make educated guesses on how best to develop their physical, mental and emotional skills on a daily basis for something that may take thousands of hours to achieve.  I have to decide when, where and who to get outside help from and I have to constantly face my own desire for control.

Boxers come and go and I stay.  I stay and develop my skills and remain grateful for each boxer who has allowed me to work with them.  If I’m really lucky, I get someone to work with for a few years and see our work come to fruition on grander stages.  I also feel lucky if those boxers that have left, come back through for a visit, a training session or to help out the new boxers.

Coaching is a humbling experience, deeper than simply training.  Coaching brings out the best and worst in all of us and allows for expression to exist in all circumstances.  Coaching allows for empathy, sternness, patience, command, jubilation and heart-break.

Coaching is my own big picture.  This gym is allowing me to experience a complete life and the ability to take responsibility to an entirely different level.

I am ending 2016 with the most losses in competition I’ve ever experienced in my life and I can’t believe how excited I am because of these experiences.  These losses are my responsibility and I’ve come out of them with a very clear big picture.  Our training is getting succinct, my expectations more clear and my instructions more simple.

I currently have a team that is dedicated like none other…..a team that gets the process of training……a team that is wholly focused on what it will take to develop into boxers that get into the ring to do their business no matter their fears and doubts.  I have a team that is getting braver at telling me the truth about what they are experiencing and a team that is supporting each other’s growth as individuals.

Ya, I dig boxing and this gym more than ever… let’s…..







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