Boxing gyms are places for folks to come together and express themselves.  We are the physical barbershops where people can punch out their differences and similarities.  Our walls house non conformity and room to grow as individuals.

We are a place that worships honesty, vulnerability, outbursts of frustration, moments of glory, and self responsibility.

Boxing gyms are agents of change.  We demand that you face yourself, that you change physical and emotionally.  We are agents for growth.  We expect you to leave  convention at the door, that you practice discomfort and disdain complacency.

Mostly, we are a space of healing.  Boxing allows you to access places that have been dormant due to trauma, due to hurt.  We allow you to slowly exercise those parts back into existence so you can walk back out into that world a more complete person.



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3 Responses to Punching

  1. kristinepenrod says:

    Especially if Eminem is playing ;).

  2. southpawswan says:

    I like how it has the power to take away any negativity I’m feeling, if only even temporarily. It’s an awesome sport. One day my body won’t let me do the things I need it to do and on that day I’ll miss the training and the feeling u get from all this 🙂

    • I truly believe that if you start paying attention now and deal with the imbalances in your body, you can significantly increase the years your body boxes. As a person who doesn’t get as much time to hit the heavy bag and spar, facilitating others allows me to participate in the cathartic experience boxing provides. Thank you for your comment, for reading this blog and for loving boxing

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