Sometimes I’ll feel an urge to write, but I won’t have a clue how to put all my thoughts down in tangible sentences.  Yesterday felt larger than daily life.  So many current events that seem inexplicable to me.  I watched the video of the bear in a cage at a mall, watched peaceful protesters being taken on by armed law enforcement, watched a militia of men have no accountability for their actions and I felt distraught.  I felt distraught at the dishonesty of all of our actions and I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t think of anything intelligent……everything was and is still all caught up in emotion.

It’s times like these, I like to rely on physical expression.  There are good uses for words and the body seems to know what it needs.  I started with some simple hip and shoulder mobility and activation exercises.  I then went into figuring out ways to engage parts of my body that felt shut down.  I shadowboxed because for some reason, impact seemed like the last thing I needed.  I was already being greatly impacted by the barrage of videos and words coming in.  I then shadowboxed so I could feel alive and connected again.

I didn’t solve any world problems, I didn’t liberate bears or restore conflicts rooted in colonialism.  But I did connect to my body, I did connect to humanity by being physical and it allowed me to teach my evening classes with a different presence, self awareness and creativity.

I love boxing for it’s simple truths.  I love it that we cannot hide when we are physical and I love it that I am surrounded by a community of folks who push themselves by being voraciously vulnerable.

In the coming weeks, please think about your words as punches.  What impact do you want them to have?  Do you want to gently coax, hammer, exchange or just listen and take in the impact of others?  Get in the gym and let the heavy bags take on your troubles and woes.  In the coming weeks, remember that we are all fighting our own fights and not all is as it appears from the outside.

As always……..BoxOn!




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  1. Vginny says:

    Thank you for this. Your words impacted me this morning. I am going to look at my words today and assess the probable and possible impact they may have. I will meditate on this and move forward with intent. Today…

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