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I have listened to a podcast called The World is Your Petri Dish with Bruce Lipton on Bulletproof Radio probably about 6 times now.  I encourage you to listen for yourself.  Dr. Lipton is controversial and you can decide what you think.

The very simplified description is this……

We as individuals are made up of a community of cells……approximately 50 TRILLION CELLS!  As Dr. Bruce Lipton describes, we humans are basically a “skin covered Petri dish”. Everyday we lose a huge number of cells and they have to be replaced…..which they are every few days.  A cell’s activity and ability to grow and be replaced is dependent upon their environment.

For boxer’s this is extremely important to ponder and here is why.

When a person is experiencing a joyful, loving, happy environment, the brain is more likely to release dopamine which encourages health, learning, happiness and growth.  Basically the ability to reproduce cells in an effective manner.

When a person is in a constant state of fear, their brain is more likely to release stress hormones and inflammatory agents.  This response design is helpful in life or death situations so that all the energies needed to survive go to all the appropriate places. Access to intelligent/rational thoughts, the immune system and other energy sucking systems are cut off to increase and ensure the ability to survive.  Staying in this stressful state is detrimental to your overall health.

I immediately thought about sparring.  I stand by my beliefs that hard sparring is only necessary in small doses.  Sparring is a stress state.  It can be a mild state and it can be a full on stress response state depending upon the participating boxers’ abilities.  I want my boxers in learning mode as much as possible.  I want them in stress states that they can manage and decrease while in them.  I want them to turn these stress states into learning and growth moments.  Too many rounds without learning seems to me to be useless and an unnecessary taking of punches.

Our thoughts completely shape our physical biology.  Our thoughts dictate what chemicals the brain releases.  These chemicals affect our abilities and performance.  Believe it or not, a boxer can be in a joyful, positive state while taking and giving punches.  Conversely, they can be in a miserable state of fear and survival.

With a lot of practice in the learning state a boxer can learn to focus their thoughts and perceptions to affect the outcome of their performance in practice and ultimately fights.

Thoughts influence our environment inside and outside the body.  Thoughts are not empty and amorphous.  Your conscious and subconscious thoughts result in chemical releases from the brain that effect the body and its performance.

My boxers are becoming more aware of their mindsets, their perceptions and how they perform.  When we start the competition season in September we will get to see how their training has or has not helped them deal with the stress of the ring.

I am excited!





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