The intimacy in boxing

Boxing is a sport full of intimacy.  Intimacy with self and others.  It brings us closer to ourselves.  We head into the ring to descend into the depths of personal fear and unknowns and when we come out, we have a deeper understanding of who we are.   We suffer in training to discover the gaps in our will and desire.  We want to know these gaps at the deepest level, so when tested we can cross these gaps without thought.  We are constantly looking for the perfect balance of humility and daring.  We need this balance to be able to respond to the reality before us and not the expected situation we have over imagined!  To know oneself allows for seeing from the inside out.  It allows for the ability to be vulnerable and strong and to put aside false protection practices.  We are drawn to boxing because of self discovery just as much as we are drawn to it for the visceral releases it provides our bodies.  To box is to know intimacy, to box is to know oneself and to box is to connect to our deepest respect for the struggle it is to be human.


Photo:  Kaelee Butner



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