Boxing Spirituality

Through boxing I have found my spirituality.  My most authentic experience from the inside out.  Through boxing I have discovered the true meaning and power in never arriving at any destination.  I have finally gotten an initial grasp of the malleability of self and others.  Because of boxing I have realized that my mindset and perception is my greatest strength and guidance.  If I alter my beliefs and judgements I can constantly see new possibility…….I can hold myself accountable in a much more consistent, stern and loving way.  Because of boxing I can physicalize my ideas, theories, problems, and solutions.

The ups and downs of coaching, training and personal interactions directly reflect my daily life.  My strengths and areas of weakness are magnified in a microcosmic experience on a daily basis.

Just like life, there is nowhere to go in boxing.  You complete a 3 minute round only to start another.  You do well at some things and horrible at others.  Sometimes you win a belt only to lose it.  But what do you really lose?  You must wake up and train again.

I love to win, I love to be successful, but these outcomes no longer define me.  Wins and losses don’t make me a good or bad coach.  My perceptions, my desire to uncover my innermost truths, my commitment to learning and my athletes give me the foundation for being a good coach.  My authenticity makes me a good coach.  My drive to succeed is heightened when I put less focus on the outcome.  If I want someone to break into the top 10 in rankings, it will not be my obsession with the goal that leads me there.  It will be my obsession with every detail in training.  Every physical, mental and emotional detail.  I can think of nothing more spiritual than that.

Boxing is a humanity religion.  It makes us face all the parts of ourselves that society deems unacceptable from the surface.  Boxing from the outside seems like nonsensical violence, when in fact it is steeped in vulnerability, desire, passion, love, truth, pain, commitment and trials.  Boxing allows you to free yourself from external judgement and forces you to look inward, to question your soul’s motivation.

Boxing places you in a community of difference.  The gym is a collection of folks from varying experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds and we all set aside our differences with the common goal of acheiving our greatest potential.  This is the spirituality I witness everyday in training and competition.


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  1. southpawswan says:

    I only just started learning to box less than 6 months ago and love it so much and I’m 37. I’m so glad I found it now but I’m heartbroken I didn’t find it earlier. It’s great when you feel so passionate about something and you want everyone else to understand it too. There’s such a polarized view of boxing – like just how many people only see what they think is brutality in a ring but what they also miss or forget to notice is sheer hard work and respect.

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