Memorial Day

For many of us, Memorial Day is a 3 day weekend.  We get days off from work, go camping, go to concert festivals and/or travel to towns we can’t just do in a weekend.

Memorial Day came about after the civil war to recognize and honor those who fought and lost their lives.  It was a time to put flowers on graves and pause in solemn thought.  It wasn’t even a national holiday until 1971.

I think about my grandfather who was mustard gassed in Workd War I…….he came back altered forever.  I think about all my uncles…most who served then discharged to move on with their lives and raise families.  I think about all the soldiers that suffer while we argue which wars we should support or not.  I think about those who return to have no one understand their experience.

I think about all the boxers I know who have served and who are serving.

It’s true, I’ll be enjoying a 3 day break from my routine-  I’ll also be pausing for multiple 10 counts as I think about the people who serve and give up their lives so I can be an entrepreneur and follow my dreams.


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