I am fascinated by the idea of limitations.  How do we prevent ourselves from acheiving anything we want to achieve?  How do we keep ourselves living in potential versus actualization?

As a kid of the 1970’s there were lots of barriers to being female.  My father, a product of his time period often told me I couldn’t do things because I was a girl. At the same time, he didn’t stand in the way when I was defiant and did what I wanted anyway.  I don’t know what pushed me to move beyond my society’s limitations, but I did and at the same time I confined myself within those boundaries by getting stuck dreaming about what I could be versus just becoming it.  Even when I achieved lofty goals, some part of me could not claim my achievement-  I preferred the emotional space of not quite getting there.  Of not really being good enough….not taking responsibility for what I accomplished.

You live up to your own expectations, man…when this 95 year old man came hiking twenty-five miles over the mountain…know why he could do it?  Because no one ever told him he couldn’t.  No one ever told him he oughta be off dying somewhere in an old age home.  –  Caballo from the book Born to Run

I’ve done most everything in my life out of defiance…..because I was told I couldn’t.  I didn’t do it because I believed I could, I did it to prove other’s wrong and because I was mad about it.

Now as I’m coaching others, I have a responsibility to study myself, to get my limitations out of the way so others can discover their own barriers.  So my athletes can make conscious and aware choices about how they wish to proceed.  I am creating a new era in my life where I do things because I can, because I want to push my limitations, because I want to see how not prescribing to a paradigm set by others allows me to grow.

I want to see how taking on the fear of success and pressure to maintain that status, can set me and my athletes free from the confinements we have set.


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