What this is all for…

We are a unique kind, a rare occurance in the sporting world.  We agree to give and take punches inside ropes reducing our ability to run and hide.  We train day after day, endure hours of discomfort for a performance that will last anywhere from less than 3 minutes to 45 minutes.

Why?  Why do this?

In a world set up to avoid discomfort, set up to encourage complacency, set up to vicariously watch others, boxing gives us a way to debunk all that inactivity.  Boxing allows us to express ourselves and find the depths we have left unattended for far too long.

Boxing acts as a language that bridges gaps where intimacy is desired but not obtained.  Boxing is intimacy with ourselves and others.  The power in suffering together brings about change not possible by the individual alone.

When we spar, or fight, our bodies reveal what’s inside.  They betray our desire to hide and instead, explicitly show the world who we are, what we struggle with, what we overcome and who we desire to be.

When the bell rings, we find out how much we can give over to trust……the trust in our own abilities and the trust in our corner to see from a perspective that our adrenaline infused brains cannot.

Why box?  Because ugliness and beauty are one slip away from each other and in the ring, they collide to reveal all that we need to know to live an authentic life.


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